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Unsolicited Patient Letters.... Be sure to see the Google Ratings!

I just wanted to say that the procedure which you administered on me in Dr. Ayzin’s dental office was far easier on my post surgery symptoms than being totally anesthetized with the “general” method.  Your method was far more superior and gentler on my sensitive system.

I did not experience the severe headache with lung problems.  The other difference was I had no memory of anything until I awoke at 2am.  The only thing I last remembered was you putting in the IV needle and hitting it one the first time!  That’s the last thing I remember.

As Shakespeare said: “I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks!!!”  Peg K.

"I absolutely recommend Dr. Davies!!! My fear of dentistry made me avoid dental care and my dentist recommended sedation as an option. My experience with Dr. Davis and his team exceeded my expectations. They are thorough in making sure that it is a safe process. Dr. Davis and his team focus 100% on the sedation while your dentist can perform his work. Simply said, thank you Dr. Davis for your wonderful care and compassion!" JDillard (patient) -

" Dr Davies' professionalism and easy manner have made my first root canal a very positive story! He came highly recommended by my dentist Dr. Makhoul, DDS (he also comments below), and I could not have been any more pleased with the outcome. Since I have several more root canals in my future, ugh, I will at least know in advance that they will be VERY easy thanks to Dr. Davies presence (and Dr. Charles Tatosian's noteworthy Endodontics expertise!). A genuine 5-star rating from a very reluctant visitor to a dental chair!!


I have known Dr. Davies for approximately 30 years and have worked as a liaison between him and patients in the dental practice where I was employed. He has provided dental anesthesia for medically compromised patients, dental phobics and patients who have particularly long and complicated procedures. Over the years, I have heard from the patients how his services have made the procedures possible and so much easier for them. However, it wasn't until I needed some extensive treatment myself that I understood the true value of his services.

I was scheduled for a five-hour procedure and even though I understood what was to be done, I found myself very apprehensive. Dr. Davies had such a calming approach, explaining in detail what I will feel and what to expect. His instructions were written and easily understood. His contacts prior to the surgery allowed me the opportunity to ask any questions that I had.

The day of my surgery was easy. When I arrived, he administered the anesthesia and the next thing I knew it was all over. I really don't remember much but felt like I could respond if necessary. There was no nausea or ill feelings afterwards. When I arrived home, I slept for a few hours and the discomfort associated with the procedure wasunder control.

There are not enough words to describe how I feel about Dr. Davies and the services he provides our patients and me. His anesthesia allowed me to complete my treatment in one appointment not having to endure 3 or 4 surgical appointments. Knowing he would keep me comfortable and I would not feel anything dispelled my apprehension.

I can truly recommend him and feel confident that, with his help, anyone can proceed with extensive and sophisticated treatment.

Thank you Dr. Davies for all you done for me.



Dear Prospective Patient;

I'm a pediatrician, family doctor, author, TV personality, and dental phobic. Dr. Ron Davies is my all-time dental hero (along with my family dentist, Dr. Kenneth Tjon). Let me explain: I have a totally "over-the-top" major dental phobia. I know it's due to my being miserably treated as a four to seven year old child by our family dentist so that each year I would experience awful pain during frequent cavity repairs. Now I'm 71 years old, and I still remember the pain.

As a result of my childhood experience, I've avoided dentists like the plague, but when I've needed to see one, I make sure to take a beta-blocker medication beforehand just to calm my apprehension...and if it's something major like a root-canal then I've insisted on nitrous oxide gas to "put me out."

Fortunately, my phobia decreased by at least 90% since I found Dr. Kennth Tjon, my present family dentist in Aliso Viejo. His caring combined with the fact that he is just a terrific dentist, led me to be able to approach the dental chair without sweating, racing heart, goose-bumps and feelings of existential fear. I love the man! And his staff!

But life plays funny tricks on us! A year ago, I lost total hearing in my left ear just 24 hours after a cavity repair in a left upper molar with the use of Novacaine. My ENT doctors have no idea why I lost my hearing and it hasn't returned. Maybe I had a virus or a mini-stroke of some kind, or maybe it had to do with my being under a major amount of stress at the time--my only brother had just passed away. No one knows, but in the back of my mind I always wonder if I had some type of auto-immune or allergic reaction to the Novacaine injection, so now I will never take it again (at least not in a full dose), because I fear losing my hearing in my other ear, which would be just terrible!

Well, here's the "life's funny trick" part: over the past year I'd been experiencing "dry-mouth syndrome," but never thinking much about it, nor doing anything to relieve it. So imagine my shock when Dr. Tjon recently told me I had 3 cavities, including one which would require a root canal! I believe this was due to my chronically dry mouth. In any case, instead of panicking, I did my due diligence and research and discovered the world of dental anaesthesia, wherein I could be sleeping during dental treatments--not only for tooth extractions and root-canals, but also for routine cavity repairs. WOW! The light turned on in my head and I plunged in to an intense search for a dental anaesthesiologist so I could avoid Novacaine, not only for my root-canal procedure, but for my routine cavity repairs, too.

I was so thrilled to identify Dr. Ron Davies as "The One"; I chose him on the basis of his training, his experience, his professional certification, and just as important, on the basis of what 3 other dentists told me about him, which was, "He's terrific!" But what really convinced me was a conversation with him, during which I knew that I was talking with a highly skilled and compassionate dentist who appreciated my fear, especially regarding further hearing loss.
Dr. Davies worked out a treatment plan with both my endodontist and my family dentist to anaesthetize me in their offices--on one occasion for the root canal and on another occasion for the routine cavity repairs. It was determined that I would, after all, need to have at least some Novacaine, because other than deep general anaesthesia, which Dr. Davies did not recommend, a tiny amount of a local anasthetic like Novacaine is still essential. But Dr. Davies assured me it would be the tiniest possible amount of a Novacaine-like drug--but not Novacaine itself. I completely understood and agreed.

So here's how it went for me: I show up at the endodontist's office; I am in the treatment chair and say hello to Dr. Davies who asks me to roll up my sleeve so he can insert a small needle; the next thing I remember is saying a happy good-bye to the office staff about 2 hours later and being driven home by my wife. No pain, no fuss, no bother. No hearing loss either! Two weeks later I show up at my family dentist's office and go through a similar procedure--which means remembering nothing from the time of the painless needle insertion in my arm to when I happily go home. Again, no further hearing loss.

All I can say, is: "Wow! Dr. Davies is great!" He gave me just the right pre-medication to take before I even arrived for my dental procedures. And he had already visited the offices of both the endodontist and the family dentist to help them plan out my treatment plan. I would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone who wants or needs to avoid pain or discomfort with dental procedures. He is so well trained and so experienced that I am completely comfortable with him, especially knowing that he follows the most important principal I learned since beginning medical school 50 years ago--which is "First Do No Harm."


Edward A. Taub, M.D. F.A.A.P
P.S. I've attached (enclosed) some of my book covers to help you relate with me as a person, not just a letter writer: The Wellness Solution, Managing Your Stress, Balance Your Body Balance Your Life, Seven Steps to Self Healing.


"Just wanted to drop a note to say what could have been a very anxious experience allowed me for the first time in years to access dental services!! I am go glad that Dr. Makhoul recommend you! You and Your staff's attention to detail gave me great comfort going through the procedure. I recommend you to any one that has anxiety regarding dental procedures or extensive work as I needed done!
I wish you and you staff the best!" 


"Any dental work causes me great anxiety. Thank you so very much, Dr. Davies. Your skill allowed me have the work completed with no pain and no recollection of the process. I felt safe and well cared-for the entire time. Thanks also to Jackie, your RN, for getting me all the information in a very timely manner and for being so supportive. I am appreciative!"                                                                        Joan B.

"If I had my choice of any doctor administering anesthesia I would choose you. I’m always nervous about it but you are so conscientious that I can’t help but trust you thoroughly." M.C.

"I didn’t feel a thing. What a blessing you are to us poor dental cowards. In fact it was so enjoyable to me that I wouldn’t mind having more done right now! This is the next morning and I feel great!" S. S.

"If I, family member or friend needed an anesthetic, I would highly recommend Dr. Davies. The concern from the staff and Dr. Davies before and after surgery made me and my husband feel less apprehensive. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your
excellent care." R. T.

"I would recommend Dr. Davies to anyone else considering this procedure."       M. M.

"It was a delight not to be traumatized by needles. Thank you." M. R.

" Dr. Davies and Jackie are impressive. I used Dr. Davies for a dental implant because I had one once before without general anesthesia and the tapping into the sinus was a nightmare. This time I was connected to Dr. Davies who was extremely explanatory, patient, intelligent, thorough and a perfectionist. This experience couldn't have been better. I walked in, there was some talking, they put oxygen on my face, then I felt something cool on my arm - that's all I remember until the very end which there's very little memory there too! No pain, no trauma- he's awesome."

"I followed all instructions after surgery and everything turned out just fine. I was surprised the whole thing went so well because I had heard stories about other anesthesiologists from a ‘friend’." R. B.

"The attention I received was very compassionate." J. D.

"I was very satisfied. Thank you for your caring and professionalism." N. H.

"I couldn’t ask for better service or more professional care." S. M.

"Wish all my dental work could be done that way." L. K.

"I have now forgotten any prior surgical or dental or emotional pain I ever had." S. M.

"I must thank you for a great job during my surgery. The anesthetic process was marvelous and exactly as described in your brochure." L. B.

" Dr. Davies is the absolute best! I have a huge fear of needles and had an oral surgery that I was freaking out about simply due to the fact I would have to have and IV. Dr. Davies spoke with me pre-surgery over the phone and assured me that everything was going to go great. When I arrived for surgery he was there and I am happy to report he so good that I did not even feel the needle go into my arm nor did I even see it at any part of the surgery. He had a trick or two up his sleeve for me including this cool freezing spray for the entry point of the needle and it was awesome. I have to do two more surgeries soon and Dr. Davies will be at all of them. If you are looking for someone to take your fears seriously and to really be on your team for your medical needs you have found him in Dr. Davies. I can't thank him enough for all he did. I can honestly say he helped change my life."        Johnathan N.

" Though I was somewhat apprehesive about the work I was having done for implants, Dr. Davies was all that he promised. When it was over and I was completely awake, I had no memory of the work that was done. He took all the stress out of the experience for me"            Collette S.


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